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Battle of Leyte Gulf 1

The USS Princeton (CVL-23) burning during the battle.

The Battle of Leyte Gulf was a major confrontation between the navies of the United States and Japan that was fought off the Philippine islands of Leyte and Luzon. It occurred from from October 23–26, 1944, and ended in an Allied victory. Notably, this battle contained the first organized use of kamikaze attacks.

US Losses

The United States lost six ships: the light carrier USS Princeton (CVL-23), two escort carriers, of which one - USS St. Lo (CVE-63) - was sunk by kamikaze attacks, two destroyers and a destroyer escort.[1]

Japanese losses

Japan lost thirty-four ships: three battleships (Musashi,[2] Fuso and Yamashiro), four carriers (Zuikaku, Chiyado, Zuiho and Chitose), ten cruisers (Atago, Mayo, Chokai, Suzuya, Chikuma, Mogami, Tana, Kimu, Abukuma and Noshiro), thirteen destroyers and five submarines. The most difficult of these for the Japanese was the Musashi, which rolled over and sank, taking nearly half of the 2,200 strong crew, after being hit by twenty torpedoes and seventeen bombs.[1]


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