The MB.162 was a French heavy bomber which was intended to be used as a strategic bomber.


The MB.162 appeared like a typical four-engined Heavy Bomber of the period. It was a low-wing cantilever monoplane that had two engines on each wing. [1]. This plane had a unique tail which had dihedral, with two endfins and rudders. According to multiple sources, it was smaller than the American Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress as well as faster and less heavily armed.


  • MB.162 Raid- Long Range Mailplane version[2]</nowiki>
  • MB.162.01-Prototype Heavy Bomber. One was built.[2]
  • MB.162 Bn.5- Planned production version- none produced[2]


The MB.162 stemmed from Bloch's earlier MB.160 Civil Transport, and it was developed into a mail plane during the pre-war years.[2] The MB.162 was designed in response to the A20 programme which called for a bomber which could house five crew and could be used at any time of the day. A full-scale mock-up was built and exhibited at the Salon de I'Aeronautique, which was an air show held in Paris on Late November, 1938. Despite not being given priority by the French government,a single prototype was built and test flown on the first of June 1940.[3]

Operational History

The MB.162 never served operationally with the French Air Force. However, the sole prototype was captured by the Germans when they invaded. The prototype was pressed into service with the Luftwaffe to perform clandestine operations such as delivering spies until June 1944. <ref><<nowiki><ref></ref>



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