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The Blohm & Voss 238 was a German Flying Boat prototype and was the largest aircraft ever produced by the Axis Powers.


The BV-238 was powered by six Daimler-Benz DB-603 engines[4]. The aircraft weighted an impressive 120,593 lb (54,700 kg) when empty, and that weight increased when fully-loaded to 187,393 lb (85,000 kg).[4] For such a gigantic aircraft, the BV 238 had a good turn of speed, being able to go 277 mph (446 kph).[4] Although the prototype was unarmed, the armament proposed to be placed on this aircraft was very heavy. It was to be armed with a total of 20 13 mm (0.512 in)MG 131 machine guns which were to be spread out in several positions across the aircraft.[5] This defensive armament was also planned to encompass two 20 mm (0.787 in) MG151/20 autocannons in a forward dorsal turret.[5] The BV 238 was also proposed to carry a gigantic payload of twenty 250 kg (551 lb) bombs, as well as external pylons for additional ordinance.[6] The pylons were planned to carry either four torpedoes, four 1,000 kg (2,205 lb bombs) or four Hs 293 anti-shipping missiles.[6]


  • FGB 227- A 1/4th scale model of the BV-238 that was used during the plane's development.[7]
  • BV-238 V1- The sole completed BV-238 prototype. [8]
  • BV-238-Land- The planned Initial Land Based Derivative of the BV-238. [8]
  • BV-250- A planned land-based version of the BV-238 which was to be used for maritime reconnaissance and long-range transportation.[8]




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