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The Capitani Romani-class destroyer, also known as Regolo-class destroyer, was a class of light cruisers used by Italy during World War II. They were built between 1939 and 1942, and only three of the twelve ships ordered were completed before the Italian armistice, and just one seeing combat. The class was armed with eight 135 mm guns, eight 37 mm guns, eight 20 mm guns, and eight torpedo tubes, and had a crew of 418.[1]


The ships in this class had a waterline length of 444 feet 3 inches, a beam of 44 feet 9 inches, mean draught of 13 feet and displacement of 3,362 tons. Machinery consisted of a quartet of 3 drum boilers with 2 sets of geared turbines driving 2 shafts. These delivered 120,000 shaft horsepower, resulting in a speed of 41 knots. The type was equipped for minelaying, but had practically no armor fitted.[2]

Ships in class



  • Ciao Marlo
  • Claudio Druso
  • Claudio Tiberio
  • Comello Silla
  • Ottaviano Augusto
  • Paolo Emilio
  • Ulpio Triano
  • Vipsanio Agrippa


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