A map of China

China is a country in southeast Asia located next to the Pacific Ocean.The War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression is an important part of World War II. During the war of against Japan, China controlled a large part of Japanese army.

Military Forces

China's military was mostly under trained and under equipped but did have a motivated army. Adding to the disorder, the country was in a civil war during the time of the Japanese invasion letting the Japanese quickly mop up most of the army. Many Chinese forces could not reach the target of attack and many struggled to defend their country.

Political information

The Two Parties

There were two parties, the KMT (or Koumintang led by Chiang Kai Shek) and the CCP (or Communist China Party , led by Mao Zhe Dong) In truth, many people in the party was better fed than in the KMT. This was because Mao Zhe Dong was a hardworking farmer and his family was poor. Most of the army was made out of poor hardworking farmers tired of the rule of KMT.


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