Colonial Order of the Star of Italy Medal

The Colonial Order of the star of Italy

The Colonial Order of the Star of Italy was a medal given to Italian service members who were stationed in Libya.


It was established in 1914 before it entered a state of abeyance in 1943 because of the loss of previously Axis-controlled Libya. From that point onwards, only those who had previously served in the country could receive the medal, with the last example being given in 1946. 

The medal was divided into five different classes which were knight, officer, commander, grand officer, and knight grand cross. These classes could be seen on the ribbon and on the medal itself. The metal outline of the Colonial Order is made of gold while the inner areas are made mostly of white and red enamel.[1] The maximum number of Orders given to people every year was set at 150 knight orders, fifty officer orders, twenty commander orders, seven grand officer orders, and four grand cordon orders.[2]