A dictatorship is a form of absoltism government in which one person or an oligarchy possesses absolute power without effective constitutional checks. With constitutional democracy, it is one of the two chief forms of government in use today.


Modern dictators usually use force or fraud to gain power and then keep it through intimidation, terror, bribery, suppression of civil liberties, and control of the mass media. In 20th-century Latin America, nationalist leaders often achieved power through the military and attempted either to maintain the privileged elite or to institute far-reaching social reform, depending on their class sympathies. In Europe's communist and fascist dictatorships, a charismatic leader of a mass party used an official ideology to maintain his regime, and terror and propaganda to suppress opposition. In post colonial Africa and Asia, dictators have often retained power by establishing one-party rule after a military takeover. Today dictatorships are much less common and are often overthrown either by the people or by an outside force. They axis powers were under forms of Dictatorship during WWII under leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini.

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