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* [[USS Huntington (CL-107)|USS ''Huntington'' (CL-107)]]
* [[USS Huntington (CL-107)|USS ''Huntington'' (CL-107)]]
These are ships in the class that were named but never built.
Construction canceled:
* USS Newark (CL-108)
* USS Newark (CL-108)
* USS New Haven (CL-109)
* USS New Haven (CL-109)

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The Fargo-class of light cruisers were two cruisers built by the United States Navy around the end of the war. Based on a modified Cleveland-class cruiser, the cruisers featured a more pyramidal superstructure, helping provide better arcs of fire control. Only two were completed of the 13 planned, and they never actually participated in the war, being commissioned after the end of the war in 1945-46. They only served until 1950, when they were decommissioned and sold for scrap.

Ships in class Edit

Construction canceled:

  • USS Newark (CL-108)
  • USS New Haven (CL-109)
  • USS Buffalo (CL-110)
  • USS Wilmington (CL-111)
  • USS Vallejo (CL-112)
  • USS Helena (CL-113)
  • USS Roanoke (CL-114)
  • USS Tallahassee (CL-116)
  • USS Cheyenne (CL-117)
  • USS Chattanooga (CL-118)
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