The Gloster Meteor was the first Jet Fighter developed and used by Great Britain in World War II.The Gloster Meteor was the only Allied jet aircraft to complete any operations during World War II


The Gloster Meteor was a british turbojet-powered aircraft developed by The Gloster Aircraft Factory and Sir Frank Whittle's company, Power Jets Ltd. The Gloster E28/39 maid its maiden flight on 15 May 1941, by the chief test pilot of Gloster, Flt Lt Philip Sayer.


There were a number of variants of the Gloster Meteor, most of which were produced after World War II.

  • G.41
  • F. Mk 1
  • F. Mk 1 (Trent Turboprop)
  • F. Mk 2
  • F. Mk 3
  • F. Mk 4
  • FR. Mk 5





The Gloster Meteor was used during and after World War II. It was used by:


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