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A Map of Hungary

Hungary is a European country near Germany, Poland and Romania. It fought for the Axis in WWII until 1944. Its capital is Budapest, while its other cities include Debrecen, Sopron, and Eger. The national language of the country is Hungarian with the government being fundamentally a Monarchy. Hungary itself has a moderate climate with hot summers and snowing winters.[1] The terrain is varied with large portions being large open plains and others being mild mountains. The official currency of the country was the Hungarian Pengoe.

During World War II, Hungary played the role as a secondary European Ally to Germany and Italy, taking part in such large scale operations as Operation Barbarossa, fighting until 1944 when Germany took full control of the country.


The flag of Hungary

In 1940, the Kingdom of Hungary as it was known officially joined the Axis Powers. Hungary was able to claim some land from Romania because of an agreement with Germany, thus increasing the size of its borders. However, at this point, Hungary was not at war or sending troops to aid its allies. That would come in 1941 with the Invasion of Yugoslavia. Regardless, when Operation Barbarossa began, Hungary withheld its declaration of war with the Soviet Union until being prompted by the events of the Kassa Incident.


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