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The IMAM Ro.37 was a reconnaissance aircraft used by Italy during World War II.


The Ro.37 used A Fiat A.30 RA engine capable of propelling the aircraft at speeds of up to 330 km/h at 5,000 meters.[1] The service ceiling of the Ro.37 was about 6,700 meters while its operational range was 1,600 kilometers. Being designed as capable of performing both reconnaissance and close air support duties, the Ro.37 was fitted with two forward-firing 7.7 mm machine guns, one rearward-firing 7.7 mm machine gun for the observer, and up to 180 kilograms of bombs underneath the fuselage.

The Ro.37 had a length of 8.6 meters, wingspan of 11 meters, and empty weight of 1,563 kilograms.


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