Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin or the Man of Steel a Soviet Union dictator. He lived from 1878 to 1953. He was leader for the Soviet Union during WWII. 

Relationship With Hitler

Near the beginning of the war, Adolf Hitler and Stalin were Allies and signed the non-aggression pact. But later Hitler decided to declare war on the Soviet Union, breaking the pact, and invaded the Soviet Union, the invasion also known as Operation Barbarossa, which caused Stalin to strike back.


After Hitler invaded Stalingrad, Stalin began diverting troops to defend the city. After a struggling 5 month battle The Red Army prevailed in the Battle of Stalingrad.

End of War

Later after many long battles such as Leningrad and Moscow the Soviets pressed the attack. Stalin eventually took over Berlin. And in the last day of the war Stalin declared war on Japan. After the war Stalin was nominated twice for the Nobel Peace Prize.


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