Sir Keith Rodney Park[1]

Air Chief Marshall Sir Keith Rodney Park was a senior RAF officer during World War II.


Park was an effective and popular leader, with the gift of making those who served under him feel that they mattered. In order to find out what was going on without relying on the ponderous - and usually fallible - official channels, Park would often use OK-1, his personal Hurricane, to arrive at airfields without ceremony or prior warning,[2] and would occasionally seek permission to participate in the Squadron's next practice scramble.[3][N 1] A quietly devout man, Park drew great strength and comfort from his prayers during the Battle of Britain, once confiding to his personal assistant - Flying Officer Donald Wiseman - that he would have probably gone into the church if he had not remained in the RAF after the First World War.[2]


Early life and career

World War II

Post War



  1. It is unknown if OK-1 carried armament.


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