The Hashemite Kingdom of Iraq (1932-1958) was a country in the Middle East which was controlled by the Hashemite monarchy and for a short time was controlled by Rashid Ali. The Iraqi Hashemite royal family was almost completely eliminated in 1958 which collapse the Kingdom of Iraq. Iraq's involvement in World War II is notable due to the Anglo-Iraqi War of 1941 when it was occupied again by the British.

1941 Coup D'etat

In 1941, Rashid Ali al-Gaylani and the Golden Square stationed units in key centers in Baghdad, overthrowing the current regent and replacing the prime minister with Rashid Ali. The regent was then replaced with Sheirf Sharaf.

Anglo-Iraqi War

In May 2nd, The RAF forces under General Smart attacked the Iraqi forces encircling RAF Habaniyya. The Germans intervened in the side of Iraq. The British pushed from Fallujah all the way to Ashar. The Rashid Ali government then collapsed. The British entered Baghdad unopposed.

British Occupation

The British re-installed regent Abd Illa has regent. The Rashid Ali government military generals we're executed by hanging.



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