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The Kriegsmarine was the German Navy from 1935 to 1945. It was dissolved after Germany lost World War II. Notable ships it operated during the war include the Bismarck-class battleships, the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, and the U-boats.


Under the terms of an Anglo-German agreement signed on 18th June 1935, the Kriegsmarine was limited in size to a fleet 35% of Great Britain's surface fleet and 45% the size of its submarines. The signing of the agreement, which upset the French because of their doubts regarding Britain's sincerity in an alliance with Germany, was the first time that a European power agreed to an overt violation of the Versailles Treaty.[1]

In 1938, the service had 75,000 officers and men.[2]


The Kriegsmarine used a variety of warship during the War.

Capitol ship classes

Aircraft carriers

Battleships and battle cruisers




Patrol and torpedo boats

Support ships

Armed Merchantmen

Minesweepers and minelayers

Landing craft


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