The Kyushu J7W Shinden [Magnificent Lighting] was an IJN experimental interceptor designed to intercept B-29 bombers.

In 1945, when the Americans were bombing Japanese cities with the B-29, Japan had to develop an aircraft that could match the altitude of these new bombers, which would be fast and have strong armament. The J7W Shinden [Magnificent lighting] was one of those fighters which could destroy B-29s while having speed, attitude performance and armament. it was ordered into production, however, as World War II ended before it could be mass produced. Only 1 aircraft was built, and can be found in the Washington air museum.


J7W1- the first propeller variant of J7W, and its the only version that was built.

J7W2- the jet version of J7W, only existed on paper.

J7W3- another jet version of J7W, also only existed on paper. Only diffirence was that this version had "bubble canopy"


This plane did not look like other planes did. It has so called "cannard" design. This design had engine and wings in rear, while elevators on nose of aircraft - a design also used for the Curtiss XP-55 Ascender, an American aircraft. The propeller was six-bladed, and the whole aircraft itself was one of the most unusual aircraft ever built.

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