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This list is a directory of all unit lists on the wiki. These are sorted by the different branches they fell under.

Germany Germany.svg

Italy Italy.svg

Romania Romania.svg

  • List of Romanian Army Units
  • List of Royal Romanian Air Force Units
  • List of Romanian Navy Units

Hungary Hungary.svg

  • List of Royal Hungarian Army Units
  • List of Hungarian Air Force Units

Japan Japan.svg

Soviet Union Soviet Union.svg

United States United States.svg

Great Britain Great Britain.svg

France France.svg

France 1939-40/Free france

  • List of Armée de Terre Units
  • List of Armée de l'Air Units
  • List of Marine nationale Units

Vichy France

  • List of Army of the Armistice Units
  • List of Vichy French Air Force Units


  • List of Canadian Army Units
  • List of Royal Canadian Air Force Units
  • List of Royal Canadian Navy Units