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London, Blitz

An area of London hit by The Blitz

London is the a city located in [and the capital of] Great Britain. It was bombed by the German Luftwaffe from 25 August 1940 to 16 May 1941.


The sustained German bombing of London and other major British cities began towards the end of the Battle of Britain, after a British raid on Berlin in early September prompted Hitler to order the Luftwaffe to switch its attention from RAF Fighter Command to urban centers of industrial and political significance. Throughout the city, a rigorous policy of blackout began. Every building had to extinguish or cover its lights at night, and car owners had to reduce their headlights to a thin horizontal slit, with rear lamps also dimmed severely. Road accidents shot up, aided by the lack of street lighting and the dimmed traffic lights.

Daylight attacks continued elsewhere in England, with sporadic success. Against London, however, the Germans faced heavy casualties in aircraft and crew, compared to much lighter British losses.

On December 29th, 1940, a major raid on London destroyed much of the city, but poor winter weather then led to a drop in attacks until March. The two months from March until May 1941 saw a series of heavy attacks, culminating in a very damaging raid on May 10th.


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