The M1935 Sharovari was a type of trouser that was issued by the Soviet Union during WWII. The summer model of the Sharovari, like that of the M1935 Gymnasterka was made of cotton and was also dyed a khaki color as battlefield experience showed, it aided in camouflaging the wearer.

The Sharovari was a simple design with no markings on the piece itself and reinforcement being added to the knee area of the trousers.[1]The M1935 Sharovari is also commonly referred to as a type of breeches because of their design which makes them bulge at the hips. 

Dimensions varied, as to the needs of each wearer. The trousers themselves were designed to be used with the M1935 Gymnasterka, but on the battlefield, uniforms were oftentimes mix and matched leading to it being used with the M1941 Telogreika instead rather than the Telogreika's own matching pair of pants.


The first variant of the Sharovari was its M1935 winter version which was made of wool instead of cotton for insulation and dyed olive green. Following came the M1943 model. Most of the changes in the M1943 Sharovari are mainly industrial simplifications.


The Sharovari type trousers had been initially introduced into the Russian Tsarist Army in the late 1880s accompanying the M1935 Gymnasterka.[2] It had seen widespread service and was eventually readopted and modified in 1935 into the Red Army, from there it had continued to serve throughout World War II through its variants until the late 1950s when like the Gymnasterka, it was dropped.


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