The M1 Bayonet is a bayonet that was designed to be used with the M1 Garand and was used by the United States Military during World War II.


The blade is 25.4 centimetres long, while the handle is 26.9 centimetres long. Before 1943, the M1 Garand and the M1903 Springfield Rifle had to use the M1905 Bayonet and later the M1942 Bayonet, both of which were much longer than the M1 Bayonet. Although, the M1 Bayonet was quite similar to the M1905 Bayonet except for the blade length difference.

Some M1905 blades were even reshaped down to 25.4 centimetres. and there was no difference in terms of designation between it and an original M1 Bayonet.[1] The scabbard that was supposed to be used with the M7 version which was made of fiberglass, but some M3A1 scabbards were used with the shortened M1905 bayonets. The grip of the M1 Bayonet and M1905E1 Bayonets (E1 is to identify it as a shortened M1905 Bayonet) were made of plastic and the near the bottom of the blade are the stamped initials of the manufacturer, the letters US (United States), and the ordinance symbol.[2]


The United States military decided in 1943 that a shorter blade would work better than the blades of the older bayonets. That meant that many of the M1905 and M1942 Bayonets were recalled from service and the new M1 Bayonet was issued. It suited American troops in the European Theater but, they did not do the same in the Pacific Theater because of the very long, sword-like bayonets of the Japanese. This caused many American troops to use the older M1905 Bayonet.


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