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The M1934 Panzer Uniform was a standard issue uniform used by the German Panzertruppe during WWII. It consisted of either the M1934 Panzer Beret or the M1940 Field Cap as well as the M1934 Panzer Jacket and M1934 Panzer Trousers. The use of the uniform was limited to only tank crewmen.[1] However, as the war progressed, more and more units in the general Panzertruppe formations were allowed to use said uniform. For example, by 1938 artillery units under command of the panzertruppe could wear the uniform. 

The uniform itself was made of black wool and had totenkopf tabs placed on both collars. For uses other than combat, the uniform was not permitted to be used by its servicemen. Instead, the ceremonial feld grau uniform was to be used.[2]


The M1934 Panzer Uniform was originally developed in the early 1930s to accommodate the rising panzer divisions being created as part of Germany's military reformation. They proved to be one of the more prestigious uniforms of the Heer. The uniform itself remained in service with German panzer troops for a majority of the war and was well liked. However, by 1944 many of the original black uniforms were replaced by the M1944 Panzerkombi at least for the SS. 


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