The M36 Field Tunic or Feldbluse along with the M40, M41, M42, M43, and M44 were all field tunics used by the Wehrmacht during WWII. It was made with wool and it had a dark-greyish color. There four pockets on the front of the tunic and there were five buttons to close the tunic.

One notable feature of the M36 was the internal straps that help hooks for carrying equipment and other standard supplies. It was slightly modified for SS because of the need for a larger collar to fit the SS patch.

The M40 Field Tunic was slightly modified in that it had a different type of collar and it began use in 1940. Although this tunic was not particularly favored by troops who liked the M36 tunic better.

The M41 Tunic only had six buttons and it was made with some different materials. The M42 also saved on cost and had pleats removed its pockets and the M43 was even more simplefied by sometimes even removing key parts of the straps to support supplies. The last change of uniform for the Heer was when the M44 Field Blouse came. It had a more greenish color and it totally removed the straps allowing for equipment to be carried. However this uniform was not used by German forces very often.


The first M36 Field Tunic was produced in 1933 and it was later modified slightly in 1934.[1]The M36 Field Tunic and all of its variants were used by the Wehrmacht throughout WWII. It was used commonly with the Stahlhelm Helmet and M22 Trousers. The M36 was used during all of WWII even though there were many variants after it and a shortage of materials.



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