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The M1941 Pioniersturmgepäck was a special equipment bag that was used solely by Pioneer units of Germany during WWII. The pack itself consisted of a single cloth backpack with two side pouches connected to it.

The purpose of the Pioniersturmgepäck was to allow Pioneer troops to carry additional equipment they may need in combat. For example, in each group of five pioneers, one would be assigned a Pioniersturmgepäck. Typical combat loads included two Nb. 39 smoke grenades, a demolition charge, Karabiner 98k clips, and or a mess kit.[1]

Each pouch has a length of 23 centimeters and a width of about 27 centimeters.[2] Weight varied from each type of combat load from another so no consistent weight can be described. No variants of the original bag were ever made. 


The Pioniersturmgepäck was originally introduced in 1941 and was used from that point on until the end of the war as one of the staple uniform pieces of German pioneers. It was produced in the thousands to meet up with constant demands.


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