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New York-class battleship is a class of battleship that served in both World Wars, but is did not see combat in the First World War. The namesake of the class USS New York was laid down at the New York Naval Yard on September 11, 1911, launched on October 30,1912, and commissioned on April 14,1914. USS Texas was laid down in the yards of the Newport News Shipbuilding Company on April 11, 1911, launched on May 18, 1912, commissioned on March 12, 1914.



World War I

Both ships of the New York-class participated in operations with the British Grand Fleet during the war, of course USS New York, along with three other battleships; USS Delaware, Florida, and Wyoming were part of the US Battleship Division 9 and they departed the United States on November 17, 1917. Battleship Division 9 was under the command of Rear Admiral Hugh Rodman, BB DIV. 9 was sent because Britain had very little oil and these ships of the Ninth Battleship Division still had coal burners. The New York and the ships of the 9th Battleship Division arrived at Scapa Flow on December 7, 1917.

Inter-War Period

World War II

Ships in Class


  • The New York is named after the state of New York as is costumed to name a battleship after a State of the United States of America.
  • The Texas is named after the state of Texas


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