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A Map of Poland

Formed in the year 966 AD, Poland is a Country found in Central Europe. It was the first country invaded in World War II by Germany on September 1st 1939 and the Soviet Union on the 17th of the same month.[N 1] Due to the new Blitzkrieg tactics and overall force of the two combined countries, Poland fell on the 28th signalling the beginning of World War II. Although Poland was intended to receive aid and armed retaliation of invaded it never came due to the overall surprise and speed. Millions of Poles were to be killed by execution and camps as the war went on. Poland also had a role in the Holocaust, being a country with a large Jewish population, and would later be the sight of many concentration and extermination camps established by the Germans. A very significant contribution to the war came from Poland in their cracking of the Enigma Code, a top secret code developed by the Germans which was thought to be unbreakable.



  1. The Germans spent 5 months planning the invasion, following Adolf Hitler issuing of a directive calling for the subjugation of Poland on 3rd April 1939. This stated that 'the task of the Wehrmacht is to destroy the Polish armed forces. To this end a surprise attack is to be aimed and prepared'.[1] Hitler's statement was included in the High Command's Directive for the Armed Services, 1939-1940.[2]


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