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The Reggiane Re. 2005 Sagittario (Archer) was a fighter bomber used by Italy during the war.


Developed by Roberto Longhi in 1941 to take advantage of the DB605A aero engine, the first prototype of the Re.2005 was first flown on 10 May 1942, but orders for 34 pre-series and 750 production aircraft were not submitted until February 1943.

In the event the production examples were not built. Eleven of the pre-series aircraft, together with the VDM propeller equipped second prototype, were requisitioned by the Luftwaffe after the Armistice of 1943, with 20 of the remaining aircraft briefly serving with the Regia Aeronautica.[1] Those aircraft were serving with the Regia Aeronautica served in the defense of Naples, Rome and Sicily. The Reggiane Re. 2005 Sagittario also served with both of the Italian air forces that formed after the Armistice of 1943. The aircraft was highly regarded by both it's pilots and it's opponents and some consider it the best Italian Fighter of the war. [2]


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