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The Second Sino-Japanese War was an fifteen-year conflict between the Empire of Japan and the Republic of China in the years of September 18, 1931, to the end of the Second World War on September 9, 1945.

This Sino War was not the first and a previous conflict was fought between the same countries forty-two years prior in 1894. The war began as a way to expand the Japanese Empire, adding more chances to take land and resources from China while also gaining more power over the entire continent of Asia. Japan surrendered in 1945 and the Empire was dissolved, ending the Second Sino-War effectively.



Japanese aggression in the Pacific has been a constant since the start of the 1930's. The Empire had efficiently broken away from the League of Nations and began to conquer countries with smaller governments. Starting with the Murkden Incident (September 18th Incident) and another notable instance being Manchuria, which had been taken over by Japan six years ago. From Manchuria, Japan launched several small campaigns to take small pieces of land from China. Because China was mostly divided on itself in a lengthy civil war, the country was not able to pay all attention to their Imperialist neighbors. Making it easier for Japan to get ready for a full-fledged war in China six years later.


While the two countries were fighting minor battles many years prior to the Second Sino-War, the war officially began in July of 1937. This battle was known as the Marco Polo Bridge Incident. The Chinese were pushed back by the Invading Japanese forces and many cities were taken in a short amount of time. Japan in December brutality captured the city of Nanking in the Battle of Shanghai resulting in the infamous massacre and rape of the city.




  • January 28th Incident










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