Type 13 Radar

A Type 13 Radar fully setup in Japan

The Type 13 was a radar set that was used by Japan during WWII. 


The Type 13 was designed as an air-defense radar and was able to be moved to various platforms such as on land, ships, and even submarines. It could detect large groups of aircraft at a range of up to 100 kilometers and singular aircraft at a range of 50 kilometers. 

Its total weight was around 110 kilograms, allowing it to be transported fairly easily by ground forces. It required 10 kW worth of power to function at maximum output and had a width of 10 microseconds between pulses.[1] The radar system itself could send and receive signals making it especially mobile. 


The Type 13 was initially developed in the early 1940s and was sent into service in August of 1943. It was quickly rushed into service as its combat effectiveness was quickly shown. The Type 13 thus saw service in almost every area of the Pacific War from 1943 on, being used by a varitey of military branches, from the Navy to the Army. In total, approximately 1,000 units had been produced.[2]