This article is about the Type 93 Armored Car which is often mistakenly called the Type 92 Armored Car, you may be looking for the Type 92 Tankette which was named the Type 92 Armored Car.

The Type 93 Armored Car was an armored car that was used by Japan during World War II.


The Type 93 had a crew of six and a gasoline powered, 40 hp, engine.[1] The armament was a single Vickers Mk. I machine guns and four Type 11 machine guns. The top speed was 40.2 km/h and the armor protection was generally 16 mm for the main part of the car. There were six wheels on each side of the car and the range was about 200 km. The weight of the Type 93 was around 4,080 kg and the length was about 4.8 meters.

The width was 1.8 meters and the height was 2.3 meters.[2] One of the notable features of the Type 93 was its ability to have its tires changed out for wheels used for traveling on railways. This allowed the armored car to travel quicker and the change could be done in only about ten minutes because of the jacks that were already installed into the vehicle.


The Type 93 Armored Car was first used in China and it entered production in 1933. The main producer was Ishikawajima Motorcar Factory and since it began development in 1932, it is often mistakenly titled the Type 92 Armored Car. Following its production, the type was issued to motor battalions most notably all across China where it served effectively largely in part to the lack of standard anti-tank weapons by the Chinese and the well connected rail system which allowed the Type 93 passage quickly and effectively across the countryside.


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