The Type VII submarine was a submarine class that was used widely by Germany during World War II. The Type VII was the most produced version of the U-Boats with over 700 ships in the class. It had two diesel engines, two motors, and two shafts for propulsion and it had a maximum speed of eighteen knots on the surface and eight while submerged.


The Type VIIA was the first series of a new generation of attack U-Boats. These models held eleven torpedoes on board plus the 88 mm fast-firing deck gun with 220 rounds. Type VIIA were very agile on the surface. The ten Type

VIIA U-Boats were the U-27, U-28, U-29, U-30, U-31, U-32, U-33, U-34, U-35, and U-36. Out of all these, only two ever survived after the war and were scuttled in May 1945.

Known ships in class

  • U-45
  • U-46
  • U-47
  • U-48
  • U-49
  • U-50
  • U-51
  • U-52
  • U-53
  • U-54
  • U-55
  • U-73
  • U-74
  • U-75
  • U-76
  • U-83
  • U-84
  • U-85
  • U-86
  • U-87
  • U-99
  • U-100
  • U-101
  • U-102
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