US Engineering M29 Weasel, Normandy 1944

Images on articles should vastly improve the article as a whole, supporting the content provided.

This policy refers to the use of images on articles. The main idea is that for articles, the main image should be a public domain photo if possible. Any photo from WWII that is not quite public domain yet is permitted, but otherwise, only public domain. (Nonpublic domain photos are still allowed, but are not encouraged, unless the photo improves the quality of the article significantly). For example, if a user had to choose between using a low-quality public domain image of a tank and a high-quality fair use image, the fair use image would be preferred. Although, images that are clearly vandalism or have no relation to the subject will be deleted. Image placement on the article must match the Manual of Style.  Steganography in images is also forbidden and if an editor is found to be in violation of any one of these rules, they will be warned, then blocked if they refuse to heed any warnings.

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