Sock puppetry is not permitted at the wiki as there is no real reason to have another account for long periods of time. For the purposes of testing new features, you may let an administrator know about your intentions to create a sockpuppet account. If the admin agrees, the account can be created and then the editor who opened the account must do what they said they would do with the account. After this, the account will be indefinitely banned unless the account is needed for a longer period of time than originally thought. However, if an editor is caught with a sockpuppet account without permission, the sockpuppet account will be deleted and the editor will be blocked. Some common causes of sockpuppetry are when....

  • a vandal is caught and blocked so they create a sockpuppet account to keep vandalizing.
  • an editor wants to use multiple accounts for voting or for some other type of related event.

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